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Are You a Comfort Keeper® Caregiver in Ocala, FL?

It takes a special person to be a member of the Comfort Keepers®’ caregiver team.  If you are someone who is able to discover joy in life’s everyday moments, and you are willing to share your kind, caring spirit with those in need, you may have just what it takes. 



Our caregiver team, the people we call Comfort Keepers®, do more than just provide personal care and housekeeping. While these services are essential, we believe our clients deserve more, so our Comfort Keepers participate in enjoyable activities with the people in their care through the philosophy we refer to as Interactive Caregiving™. We believe that being engaged socially and emotionally has a positive effect on both the physical and mental health of our clients.

As a Comfort Keeper, you will not only help clients with their everyday activities, like getting dressed for the day and preparing meals, but you will also engage them in any number of fun activities, such as

  • taking a stroll around the neighborhood,
  • playing board games or building puzzles,
  • listening to music or singing,
  • doing some light gardening,
  • reminiscing over a photo album, or
  • visiting the local community center to socialize.

What other qualities do our Comfort Keepers have?

People depend on our Comfort Keepers, so we look for professional, trustworthy, responsible people to work with our clients. When you join our caregiver team, families will trust you to be a caring companion for their loved ones, and clients will rely on your compassion as you help them with their most intimate personal needs.

Our Comfort Keepers are good at communicating with older adults and are organized. Most importantly, they treat everyone – from clients to fellow Comfort Keepers – with dignity and respect. Other qualities that we look for include:

  • Creativity and resourcefulness
  • Patience and understanding
  • Honesty and discretion

As part of our team, we will count on you to be punctual and hardworking, adapt well to new situations, work well with others, learn, and follow established procedures. In return, Comfort Keepers can offer you a career with opportunities for advancement and great personal satisfaction.

If you are interested in becoming a Comfort Keeper caregiver, contact the Comfort Keepers of Ocala office today at (352) 415-9313 or  click on “View Job Openings


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