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Care Coordination from Comfort Keepers Assisted Living of Ocala, FL

There are few individuals on this earth that care as deeply as you when it comes to your loved one's well-being. Comfort Keepers assisted livingof Ocala, FL are aware of this and as a result we listen closely to you, your other family members, friends, and other loved one's to truly understand the needs had by your loved one before we begin care. We use a unique discovery process that is facilitated by some of our most skilled care coordinators. It is during this process that we learn about your loved one's health, personality, hobbies and living environment. Once we have an understanding great enough, our assisted living agencies combine our knowledge of industry best practices and knowledge of your loved one to create a truly customized plan of care. 

With all of this care coordination, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive is truly customized and best suits their needs. You can expect the following: 

  • An initial assessment and period assessments regarding care
  • A plan of care that is customized to your needs
  • Communication and scheduling with your family 
  • Doctors appointment scheduling and coordination 
  • Specialist care coordination and scheduling
  • Online family communication tools that facilitate understanding and knowledge regarding your loved one's care

Dedicated Home Care Coordination 

Throughout the entire care process regarding your loved one, our Comfort Keepers assisted living providers can work with you and your family to ensure that he or she receives the right care at the right time. Our coordinators will be the primary sources of contact for your loved one - so they will know the ins and outs of your loved one's care. This streamlining greatly simplifies the experience and also provides levels of service and accountability you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. 

Convenient Monthly Billing

We know that your family wants the best care for your loved one, and for as much of the burden of care to be taken off your shoulders as possible. With Comfort Keepers of Ocala, that's possible. Our home care is provided in a convenient monthly bill that is always the same (unless major changes are implemented). Our home care providers want you to be able to adequately budget for care way ahead of time with little to any surprises involved. 

Do you think that your loved one could benefit from in home care? Look no further! Contact Comfort Keepers assisted living services of Ocala, FL today! 

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